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We can talk you through some of the most common applications of our platform and share how customers in your industry have switched to Resort Data Processing without looking back. We specialize in platforms supporting:

  • Commission Free Bookings
  • Converting bookings
  • inventory distribution
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Operations Automation
  • Management workflow
  • Reporting

Resort Data Processing is a leading provider of property management solutions. We inspire clients to be the world's future leaders of resort solutions. We drive global business and social transformation through the fusion of experience, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset.

#1 For New Resort Technology

New Responsive Ng Suite

IRMng is a responsive application that detects the type of device (smart phone, tablet, desktop) accessing the site and automatically adjusts the size of pictures and text to match. Content is input and managed from a single source meaning that IRMng replaces the legacy IRM.net and Mobile IRM applications. IRMng is built on the latest software development technology with speed and responsiveness as its cornerstones.


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